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Solution in search of a problem

Solution in search of a problem2

Entrepreneur:  I’ve built a better mousetrap!

[Most of the entrepreneurs I talk to are experienced business people that have encountered various headaches in their business lives and have come up with a solution – Voilà, now go sell it.]

Me:  Great – why?

Entrepreneur:  Well, most mousetraps don’t work that well. The mice sometimes steal the cheese without the trap being tripped. Mine kills them first time.

Me:  But does anyone want a better mousetrap?

Entrepreneur:  I’ve been talking to friends and neighbours. Even the manager of the local PETstock. They all think it’s a great idea.

Me: So how are you going to sell it?

Entrepreneur: That’s your domain.

Me: So, did you do any research before you invested money in your prototype?

Entrepreneur:  Of course. Google is a great source of information.

Me: It is but it can’t answer these questions:

  • Is yours really that much better?
  • Enough that people would care? To go out and buy your new beaut killing machine?

Entrepreneur: Does that matter? After all, the people I spoke with are interested.

Me: Yes – what people say, to fiends and customers, and what people do when you are not around, are two different things.

Entrepreneur: Anyway, how are we going to sell it?

I’ll have one of these conversations at least once a month.

An inspired and usually deep thinker has solved a problem they have experienced in their business lives. Created a solution and then wants to market it.

Without first finding out if there really is a market for their solution.

The cart before the horse.

→ If you think you have a great solution, contact us before you invest serious dollars.

Our MAP (marketing action plan) will determine if there is a market. The messages and stories to help it Stand Out; and the campaigns you will need to successfully go to market.

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