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Craft Brewery Insurance

A stand-out brand and website

How we created a remark-able brand for a new insurance business; and developed an industry leading, enquiry-generating website.


Insurance. The ultimate marketing challenge.

It’s a complete intangible. A promise that if something goes wrong the money will be there to help make things right. And it’s wrapped up in a legal document with so many bewildering conditions and exclusions that most people don’t read them. They just take it on faith and sign the contract.

It’s also a grudge purchase.

Few people want it and most want as little as possible. It’s why most insurance marketing is factual. Desperately trying to convince people about the prevalence of the risk. And the costs of something going wrong.

As if facts ever won the sale.

So, when a group of insurance brokers approached us about entering the craft brewing industry, we recommended a different tack.

Existing service providers were staid and conservative in their branding and value proposition. And had dominant market share.

Yet the craft brewing industry has a distinctive subculture.

Mates united in a passion that became a hobby that became a business. Enthusiastic self-starters driven by their love of beer.

Younger, chilled, left of centre.

We wanted to meet them in their world.

Work Involved

Created a distinctive brand with its own character, Justin Case, and his back story. A brand that talks with its audience, honours them, is relatable.

And is light years away from the competition.

Developed an animated video featuring Justin Case, insurance risk assessor geek, and Davo, the head brewer at Sticks and Pebbles.

For most people risk is invisible, so making it obvious but in a playful absurd way helps them understand. Without them feeling lectured.


Designed and built a website that communicates the brand, attracts visitors, and converts them into enquirers.

Importantly the website also helps interested parties identify which product suite best suits them; and starts the prequalifying process.

Explainer video for a grudge purchase

Our animated video for a new craft brewery insurance company highlights risks in a playful way, helping business owners understand a dry subject.

It also reinforces the company’s unique branding, which resonates with their target audience.


The remark-able effect of the brand is high:

Industry and potential client feedback is very positive. And the Justin Case explainer video launched the brand across social media and is a valuable introduction before meeting a potential client.

Enquiry generating website:

Ranked at the top of Page 1 on Google.

The website delivers a consistent 2-3 new business enquiries a month.

A Remark-able Brand

Existing service providers were conservative, yet craft brewing has a distinctive subculture.

We met clients in their world by developing a distinctive brand with its own character.

“[prospects] always comment on the branding... They feel that we get them, and it makes us memorable. Which always makes the selling that much easier.”

Matt Denehy, Director

CBI brand

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