About us

Our beginnings

I first got into marketing by working with nutjob winemakers. A pretty quirky lot, but mad about what they do.

I saw firsthand the power of human psychology and how telling their stories drove sales. I was hooked.

This led to a career with some of the largest direct marketing wine companies in the world. Melding storytelling with the disciplines of direct marketing.

Data analytics, persuasive copywriting, and the importance of an attractive offer. With a ruthless commercial focus.

My primary KPI was ROI.

delivering Results brings that same spirit and commercial focus to professional service firms.

Our view of marketing is simple. It should deliver revenue to your business. 

Our team has strong business backgrounds and a wide set of marketing skills.  We work hard to uncover the unique value your firm has to offer, and then share that with world.

Building a distinctive and compelling brand that attracts the ‘right’ new clients or offers more to existing clients. Anything else is vanity.


Our Why

We work with our clients to achieve their commercial goals.

In a world filled with marketing noise, we create clarity, confidence, and revenue for our clients.

  • Clarity on what makes you stand out.
  • Confidence in the value of your services.
  • And a focus on the end game. Executing clear, effective marketing strategies that grow your revenues.

We understand professional services. We know you genuinely care about your clients and make a real difference to their lives. We’re the same.

It’s also fun, and we enjoy working with you, guiding, and supporting your growth.  

We work with you

Our Values


We work WITH you in a shoulder to shoulder, sleeves rolled up partnership. Consider us part of your extended business team. Dedicated to achieving your goals in a true collaboration. 


Respectful, open, and ‘as honest as you dare be’ are the foundations of effective communication. It’s the unsaid stuff that causes the biggest problems. 


On delivering your objectives.

We’re here to do great work. We’re dedicated to working to the best of our ability to achieve your business goals.

Beginner’s mind

We understand that every client is different, and devise plans accordingly. We identify your business challenges and what you want to achieve with a ‘beginner’s mind’. 


While we’re serious about delivering Results for our clients, we believe that fun is just as important. Work takes up a lot of our time, we choose to enjoy what we do.

Genuine working relationships

Leesa Gibbs, Business Manager, Clarity Imaging

When we engaged delivering Results to rebrand our Medical Imaging company the standard of work and investment in our business from the entire team was second to none.

I truly valued the time Alex took to understand our business and team. He helped translate this into an authentic brand that represents our vision and allows us to honour the promises we make to our staff and clients.

What I didn’t expect was the depth of knowledge Alex and his team would impart, the mentoring and support and the genuine working relationships that would follow.

With greater understanding of how we develop and nurture our referral partners we can grow our business in the way we envisioned.

Standing out – and growing our client base

Charles Gromek, Emerge Business Advisory

We were a business "camouflaged" amongst many of the same in our industry using ineffective marketing techniques. Your assistance with helping us to “stand out from the crowd” is having a significant impact on our enquiry rates and growth of our client base.

Sum of us

We’re strategists, wordsmiths, technologists and friends.

We’re a tight-knit team that’s always learning and growing personally and professionally.

Fly-fishing, fermentation, forests, children, Husker Du. How do you distil a person, a business? Marketing – a synthesis of psychology, analytics, words, numbers to create plans and more words. In ways that your customers value, has meaning, they want. I love it, it’s fun – that’s what I bring to you.

The other stuff matters to me too and I can happily chat about that. If you want.

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I’ve always enjoyed the marketing process and seeing the results come in, whether it’s for a brewery or an IT company, an IMAX cinema or an accounting firm.

I particularly like exploring how technology can help our clients achieve their goals. 

When I get the chance I'm also partial to exploring foreign cities and watching live comedy.

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With over 20 years’ experience, Coby is dR’s go-to person for website development.

His skill in translating complex business systems and problems into powerful, efficient and user-friendly online platforms is second to none.

I discovered a whole new world of marketing at delivering Results.

The most rewarding thing for me is to help people and see the results they achieve.
I embrace this amazing opportunity and learn every single day.

When I’m not doing marketing, I enjoy baking and watching Netflix.

Stand out and grow

  • Be seen and heard
  • Attract the clients you want
  • Grow your sales