My story - our beginnings

Tall, wiry, and with a subtle stoop Peter Scott, winemaker from Stonecroft, was sharing his wines with us. Telling his stories as we tasted them in the serving pantry at the restaurant I worked at.

A humble man, softly spoken but fiercely dedicated to his craft: for the 3 months of vintage he would barely see his family. Typically working 18 hours a day, he poured all of himself into making his wines. And they were magnificent.

It was his stories that had me hooked.

I wanted to share stories like them with the world, so that other people could experience the same wonder and passion.

It led me to studying wine marketing at Roseworthy College and from there a successful career working for some of the largest direct marketing wine companies in the world.

During that time my enthusiasm for the stories of winemakers was melded with the disciplines of direct marketing – a fusion of strong commercial focus, analytics, and persuasive copywriting.

Now I bring that same spirit and focus to professional service firms. We work hard to uncover the unique value your firm has to offer and then share that with world – attracting the right new clients and offering more to your existing clients.

 - Alex Meijnen, Founder

Our why

We believe it is important for business owners to have control over their future revenue streams, that these are profitable, and that there are a number of different revenue sources.

A stronger growing profitable business gives owners satisfaction, peace, and supports them in their other life choices.

We work shoulder to shoulder with you, guiding and supporting your growth to get maximum return on investment.

We give you clarity, confidence in the value of your services, and growing revenues.

It’s fun and we enjoy it. We just happen to love marketing and how it helps business owners achieve their goals.


Our heart

At the core of delivering Results are two words:

Fun: work is part of life and we choose to enjoy the time we spend with each other and our clients.

Focussed: we are here to do great work with our clients, to achieve the outcomes they want and to help them transform and grow their business.

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Sum of us

We have been variously described as

Strategists / Wordsmiths / Technologists / Creative alchemists / Quirky intellects / Friends.

Fly-fishing, fermentation, forests, children, Husker Du. How do you distil a person, a business? Marketing – a synthesis of psychology, analytics, words, numbers to create plans and more words. In ways that your customers value, has meaning, they want. I love it, it’s fun – that’s what I bring to you.

The other stuff matters to me too and I can happily chat about that. If you want.

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I’ve always enjoyed the marketing process and seeing the results come in, whether it’s for a brewery or an IT company, an IMAX cinema or an accounting firm.

I particularly like exploring how technology can help our clients achieve their goals. 

When I get the chance I'm also partial to exploring foreign cities and watching live comedy.

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With over 20 years’ experience, Coby is dR’s go-to person for website development. His skill in translating complex business systems and problems into powerful, efficient and user-friendly online platforms is second to none.

I discovered a whole new world of marketing at delivering Results. The most rewarding thing for me is to help people and see the results they achieve.

I embrace this amazing opportunity and learn every single day.

When I’m not doing marketing, I enjoy baking and watching Netflix.


Stand out and Grow

✓ Be seen and heard

✓ Attract the clients you want

✓ Grow your sales

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