Brand awareness is the critical first step in the buying process. People cannot buy your products if they don’t know who you are. Customers won’t use your products if they don’t care about them.

But before you invest in building brand awareness it is critical to get the brand foundations right. Otherwise your investment will be wasted, and the brand will not have the sales impact you want.

You would not build a house without plans. It is the same with a brand.

Value Propositions & Brand Development
  • Your Value Proposition, sometimes called point of difference or unique selling point, is what makes you different. It is the basis for building your brand.
  • Your Brand is a key foundation stone in growing your business. It comprises both your Value Proposition and how you communicate that. This includes branding, or visual identity, as well as the clear emotional response that customers have when they think of your brand.
Brand Stand Out

Stand out and shine

Value Propositions

Your Value Proposition is a simple distillation of what makes you unique. It provides a consistent story and messages which are continuously woven into all your business communications; reinforcing each other, so you become known for it.

Without a clear understanding of your value proposition you are a me-too business – lost in a noisy, competitive market. Worse, attracting new clients is both hard and expensive.

Get it right, and you’ll shine your light brightly over your competitors and stand out from the crowd. A clear VP dramatically improves the effectiveness (and ROI) of your marketing communications and business development activities.

And it provides you with clarity and confidence moving forwards.

Your Value Proposition answers the fundamental question: why would anyone be interested in your business? It must be framed so that it impacts the hearts and minds of your customers.

Deep dive

At delivering Results we place a very high emphasis on research – actually talking to the customers of businesses. We interview your current clients, probing to uncover what they really value.

We then distil our understanding of why your customers buy, into your unique value proposition – with messages that will have real cut-through. 

This in-depth process also yields additional benefits: powerful testimonials, potential referrals, feedback on your current services and opportunities for improvement.

Brand Development

Your brand is your business.

It is a promise to your different audiences of what they will experience when they work with you. It distils what matters to you in how you run your business; what value you offer your clients; and what makes you different (your value proposition). It also comprises what you look like; your visual identity.

A strong brand provides cut-through. It:

  • sets you apart from the competition
  • fast tracks the buying process; people will know your who / what / why  
  • creates a perception of quality and value  
  • increases loyalty – more repeat business and referrals
  • increases the value of the business when it’s sold.

Getting the brand right

delivering Results works with you to develop your brand essence and identity.

A strong brand essence is a distillation of what your business is about, and this document underpins all communication and behaviours. It outlines the key messages you want to say to say to your audiences; how you behave, your core principles. Your brand essence is also a recruitment guide, performance management tool, and provides guiding principles for significant business decisions.

It makes decisions faster, easier, simpler.

Our work

Our brand development work starts with a forensic review of your business from outside in. We interview current and past clients, learning what they value. Comprehensive market research reviews your competitors’ positioning and identifies the space you can claim as your own.

We then work with you to distil and synthesise these insights, developing themes, coherence and a distinctive brand position. This will include visual concepts of how your new brand personality and identity might look.

From there we develop your visual identity, messaging and brand communication strategy to bring the brand alive.

If you want help transforming the impact of your marketing – call us on 02 4023 5958 for a conversation today.

Other Services

Standing out – and growing our client base

We were a business "camouflaged" amongst many of the same in our industry using ineffective marketing techniques. Your assistance with helping us to “stand out from the crowd” is having a significant impact on our enquiry rates and growth of our client base.

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