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Strategy and Campaigns


The power of a strategic framework lies in its simplicity. In the coherence and focus it gives all future activity.

The difficulty is in distilling the answers to these three questions; and in choosing what you will not do. (The power of this should never be underestimated.)

  • Who are you targeting?

The laser-focus on the clients that we best serve.

  • What does your brand stand for?

Where does your business sit in their consideration frame? Why choose you?

What sets you apart? Makes you distinctive?

  • What do you want to achieve with that target market?

The specific objectives to be executed.

The answers to these questions will underpin all your business decisions.

Your strategy provides focus and clarity. Powers up their impact and effectiveness. Prioritises where your business should invest its resources.

It is your North Star(1)

MAPs (Marketing Action Plans)

MAPs plot your path to the North Star.

They consider the terrain and obstacles on the way.

Marketing Action Plans Strategy MAPs 2

These are the tactical action plans that show how we are going to achieve your specific marketing objectives, e.g.

  •  to be better known in your target market
  •  to raise prices
  •  to launch a new service
  •  to attract new clients
  •  to expand into a new market.

For example, it is not just: Get more clients.

Rather it is:

We are going to target these specific clients, with these specific challenges, using this offer, by doing these things. We are going to measure performance like this.

It understands that changing behaviour is hard. Inertia is your biggest competitor; comfort zones the enemy.

But without MAPs your campaigns will be hit and miss, a stab in the dark. A waste of time, energy and money.


This is the execution outlined in your MAP.

The creative pieces to be developed, copy to be written, the micro-engagement moments on the buying journey, the digital deployments.

And it is always multi-channel.

Our business is immeasurably better

Alex Euvrard, Director, My Dealer Services

My Dealer Services has been working with delivering Results for five years now. We were a small business that was very principal focused and it was case of working ‘in’ the business and no time to work ‘on’ the business.

dR have given us the support and framework to work on the business with significant results. It has been extremely valuable to have an external set of eyes and ideas to help guide the path of our business. It has kept us accountable and true to our path of continued growth and support to our clients.

Our business is immeasurably better than it was before engaging delivering Results and we look forward to further growth with their support.

insight that will drive our new revenue campaigns

Jenny Gutwenger, COO, (Mid-tier Sydney law firm)

“Their client research provided deep insight into our clients’ experiences of the business and what they valued. This will help drive our new revenue campaigns and tailor our service delivery.

Hearing the clients’ voices in the report helped loosen some of our language and thinking. And the testimonials they generated are compelling and will be threaded throughout our collateral.”

Our Work

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(1) Strategy is major work and should be rarely undertaken. But it is crucial.

It involves a deep dive into your business, talking with your customers, and analysing your market. And it requires your involvement. Once in place, it should only be reviewed every 3+ years, though it will guide all your business decisions.

Stand out and grow

  • Be seen and heard
  • Attract the clients you want
  • Grow your sales