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Looking down on social media?

Social Media

When I ran The Sunday Times wine club in the UK, I knew that 63% of the newspaper’s readership also read The News of the World. A trashy Sunday newspaper focussed on scandal, gossip and sport.

It is the same with social media, instant negative judgements by many professionals. However, many of your prospective clients are reading it.

There are big opportunities

Social media are huge publication platforms, with global reach and high levels of targeting capabilities. Right down to suburb, geographic proximity, age, gender, personal interests.

Facebook - more active readers than any other media in the world.

LinkedIn – the world’s largest business network with more active users than the adult working population of the USA & UK combined.

Instagram – Facebook for the younger generations.

All three can be successfully used to generate enquiries from prospective clients. In my feeds, I get advertising from Motley Fool, NAB, Pepper Money, Salesforce, Microsoft, Turnbull Hill ….

And that’s the thing about social media. Detach yourself from the stigma, identify it as a media channel and seriously consider it as part of your marketing mix.

Why use it

  1. Your advertising budget is spent only on those people who are interested.
  2. It is highly measurable – throughout the entire buyer’s journey, which means:
  3. It can be continually optimised for better results.
  4. It integrates well with other digital marketing tactics. And can more than double their impact.
  5. It works.

Facebook delivering high value clients

Happiness Financial Planners* provide financial advisory services to older working Australians. They work hard, have a deep commitment to the well-being of their clients and rely on referrals from other professionals.

And they have expertise in aged care support for the parents of their clients.

After some convincing, they agreed to a trial using Facebook. Using an information rich strategy, we built a prospect pool over 1153 people. People reading their material, learning about their services and having repeated exposure to the Happiness Financial Planners brand.

Some of them started making inbound enquiries. Phoning up the business. Asking for appointments. Signing up for Happiness Financial Planners services.

More followed.

With aged care, there is a huge opportunity. Demographics are on our side. But more important. Take good care of their parents and you have earnt the trust to take care of their children’s affairs. One client multiplies.

And we still have an interested audience we are engaging with. So that when they are ready, they will get in touch.

We use it for others too

Amongst others we have successfully used social media to generate new business for financial advisors; business finance brokers; medical specialists; GPs; business advisors; business insurance brokers, and lawyers.

We also use it ourselves. Just like you, we invest in our own marketing.

So, if you have the courage and want to have an exploratory discussion about how social media could form part of your marketing mix just call 02 4023 5958 or email

Posted on 27 Feb 2020


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