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It takes time

2021 10 it takes time

Warren Buffet’s wealth is mind-boggling. In truth for most of us, just a whole lot of numbers. Incomprehensible.

At USD $100,000,000,000* it is the same as the total GDP of 40 countries. With a combined population of 85 million people.

But the remarkable thing is that 94% of that wealth – $94,000,000,000 – has come in the last third of his life.

Warren has been investing for 81 years; the compounding effect of his wealth accelerating over time. But to accumulate that level of wealth – it takes time.**

It is the same with your marketing.


There are two truths in business:

“People can’t do business if they don’t know about you”

Which is fundamentally brand awareness. Who are you? What do you do?


“People won’t do business if they don’t care about you”

Which is fundamentally your value proposition. It answers the question – why would I buy from you?


Yet most business owners want instant results.

They fail to see marketing as an investment. Their efforts are unfocussed, tactical, or fluffy. And then they complain that marketing is a waste.

Ironic considering that in financial services, business owners ignore the hundreds of hours spent each year trying to build brand awareness. And answer why my services?

Networking through polite hellos – who are you and what do you do? – over business breakfasts and lunches. Hoping for a casual contact. Maybe a coffee leading to possible referrals.

Trying to build referral partnerships with other business professionals. Forlorn efforts with “yes, happy to” and then an erratic hit-and-miss dribble of referrals.

Or hesitantly asking existing clients if they have any friends or family they could help.

Eventually they gain some traction and reach a ceiling. Resigned to a frustrated comfort zone. 


But you could accelerate that impact. Break through the ceiling into the next level of growth.

If you had a catalyst story.

One that clearly shows the transformation you make in the lives of your clients. Life before your service, and life afterwards.

We can distil and craft a catalyst story for you.


To find out more call Alex Meijnen on 02 4023 5958 or email

* at time of writing

** The Psychology of Money

Posted on 29 Sep 2021


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