Working with you

Our Process - your pathway to success

We use a proven 3-step framework (Discover, Develop, Deliver) that gets our clients results. 

We work with you to identify what makes you REALLY stand out. Then we develop effective marketing communications that target the ‘right’ new clients and sell more to your existing clients. 

We’re outcome focused, but it’s the process that delivers the outcomes. And we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.  Abraham Lincoln

Step 1: Discover

We start by asking: Why would anyone choose you?

We use a ‘beginner’s mind’ to research your business, your clients and your marketplace to uncover WHY people buy.

We look at what’s unique about your business and the REAL value you offer clients (your value proposition). We identify the ‘right fit’ clients that match your services and how we’re going to reach them.

During this research deep dive, we gain data and insights for your marketing—it’s not just guesswork! 

Then we hone your brand. After all, a strong business brand dramatically improves the effectiveness (and ROI) of your marketing.

These ‘first principles’ lay the foundation for your marketing. And they help us create the key messages that deliver real cut-through.   

Similar to financial services providers, doing this upfront strategy work is what reaps the long-term rewards.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln
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Successful strategy requires contemplation

 Step 2: Develop

Now it’s time to get laser-focused on WHAT marketing you need to achieve your goals. 

Here we ask: How can you attract the right new clients? What more can you offer existing clients?

Using what you’ve already discovered, combined with our strong understanding of client psychology, we develop a marketing plan.

It might be a full-blown strategic plan focusing on growing your business. Or a digital campaign to generate new enquiries or brand awareness. Or just a more effective website.

Our focus is simply on the outcomes you want to achieve and the most effective way to do that. 

Step 3: Deliver

Now we go to market.

Your marketing plan has measurable yardsticks in place, so we know what’s working and what’s not.

Test: We don’t make assumptions. We let the market ‘decide’. We might use two different approaches to achieve an outcome (split testing), but the only opinions that matter are the people we’re targeting. 

Measure: Hard data is the only thing that can tell you what’s really going on. The beauty of digital marketing is that it can be tracked, but there are many other ways of measuring the success of your marketing. 

Improve: Based on this feedback, we look at refining your message. By continually testing and tweaking, we focus on improving the performance of your campaign. And it doesn’t need to be complex. We know you need commercial outcomes, so we never just ‘set and forget’.

Stand out and grow

  • Be seen and heard
  • Attract the clients you want
  • Grow your sales

Genuine working relationships

Leesa Gibbs, Business Manager, Clarity Imaging

When we engaged delivering Results to rebrand our Medical Imaging company the standard of work and investment in our business from the entire team was second to none.

I truly valued the time Alex took to understand our business and team. He helped translate this into an authentic brand that represents our vision and allows us to honour the promises we make to our staff and clients.

What I didn’t expect was the depth of knowledge Alex and his team would impart, the mentoring and support and the genuine working relationships that would follow.

With greater understanding of how we develop and nurture our referral partners we can grow our business in the way we envisioned.

I’m glad we invested – a pipeline of new, highly valued clients

John Allenspach, Director, Southern Cross Financial Planning

“Social media was an area we had never invested any marketing dollars into, and we are glad we did. Not only did Alex & his team raise our firms profile. But they developed a pipeline of new, highly valued aged care advice clients.”

significantly increased our prices

Samantha Gilbert, CEO, Caramel

delivering Results led a project to reinvigorate client relationships, which has resulted in

- clients understanding the unique value we deliver;

- brought long-term stability to client relationships; and

- helped us clearly differentiate ourselves in a saturated market (IT).

It also enabled us to significantly increase our prices.