Working with you

Our Ethos

We believe that marketing is an outcome-focussed conversation about value, and the service delivery of that value.

  • Outcome focused – because ultimately the purpose of your marketing is to create a sale or an enquiry.
  • Conversation – because it is about your clients: their challenges, frustrations, problems AND aspirations. Our job is to understand and address these.
  • Value – because we believe that your clients buy; and that always involves a value exchange. That’s what they are buying. Value – most of which, for them, is emotionally driven.
  • Service delivery – because if you make a promise you should deliver it. Otherwise you have a Problem.

This infuses all our work.

Our Process

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.  Abraham Lincoln


It always starts with a deep discovery process, no matter what we do.

We ask lots of questions and listen carefully.

We want to know about you and your people – how you deliver your service, sifting through beyond the banal to find what’s special, interesting, different.

We also want to talk to your clients – listen to their experiences; what they like and don’t like and about what really matters to them.

Because that is where the real magic happens. At the intersection of what you do with what really matters to your clients.

All of this within the context of what is going on in the marketplace.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln
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Successful strategy requires contemplation


Once the discovery is done, it’s time to start developing. It might be a strategic marketing action plan focussed on growing your business, digital campaigns to generate new enquiries, brand awareness activities or simply a more effective website.

There’s no hierarchy of spend or trend. It’s a question of what you want to achieve and how best to make that happen for you.

It will always involve client-focussed messages that make you stand out in your marketplace.


Once we’ve developed the right communications, we go to market.

Our targeted campaigns come with identifiable goals, whether it’s the generation of enquiries or an increase in sales.

Measurable yardsticks give a clear indication if the strategy is working. We don’t stop working for you when the campaign is launched. We gather feedback, refine your messages, and optimise the results.

You can read some case studies here.

From 3 enquiries a month to 35

I had just had my website redesigned [by another firm] and the number of enquiries was pitiful. Then after a consultation with delivering Results I was told I would have to write it off and start again. I could have screamed.

After in depth research understanding my business & my customers they completely re-wrote & re-built my site. And I have gone from 3 enquiries a month to 35+. I have had to re-organise my business to cope with the demand & now sleep much easier at night. I only wish I had gone to them first.

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