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Is your message cutting through the noise in their heads?

Information overload

Right now, the noise inside the heads of your customers, staff, and stakeholders has hit 11.

And whatever business you are in, you are also in a state of heightened alert.

Under stress, people get caught up in their anxieties, fears and pain.

It is understandable.

People’s sense of control is disintegrating. Instinctive unconscious neural programming is taking over, and survivalist behaviour wins. Fight, flight or freeze.

Under those circumstances, the impact of most communication plummets by 90%. 

Yet now, more than ever we need to communicate with everyone, often. Clearly. Effectively.

Principles to follow:

1. Be clear about the Purpose.

Effective communication is about changing people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs so that they change their behaviour. So be clear and explicit about where they are now, and where you want them to be.

The communication is all about them and the change you want them to make.

2. The three levels of communication.

➢ Context – where it is taking place, why it is taking place.

➢ How – the tone of your voice, the emotional undercurrent, inflexion.

➢ What – the words.

In terms of the impact it goes: Context 50%; How 40%; What 10%.

People will remember the emotional feeling of the messages long after the words are forgotten.

3. "Humans are feeling machines that think."

Emotions dominate human behaviour and drive most decisions. Even in business.

So, address their hearts and feelings. Frame the communication in their world, their language, and what's in it for them.

Double-check all your communications; read it as if you were receiving it. How would you feel if you received that?

4. Be very simple, clear and direct.

Use simple language. Would a twelve year-old understand it? Be explicit and direct. If there is ambiguity or your audience must think, then it won't work.

Whatever your political views, for a masterclass in communication, view Jacinda Ardern’s recent address to the nation.

5. Repeat it. Often.

As anyone working in sales and marketing knows, it takes between 8-13 times before your messages get through. So, say it once and repeat it. And get their active, "Yes, I understand."

Above all, be clear, honest, and compassionate. Your audience is struggling.


If you need any help with your communication, please reach out on 0459 320 999 or email me at We are here to help, and right now your people need you to step up.

Posted on 27 Mar 2020


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