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Everyone’s Selling Transformation. What’s Yours.

Pleasure Island

What is the pleasure island your clients want?

Everyone’s Selling Transformation. What’s Yours.

In the end, people buy value. An emotional feeling they ascribe to what they want to achieve; whether it's to fix a challenge, frustration, or a sense of feel-good achievement of ego gratification.

They are buying a transformation — a move from pain island to pleasure island. And your product or service is the bridge between the two.

Your expertise, qualifications, experience, people, service, guarantees, design, pricing et al. are just bricks that make up the bridge. They are not buying the bridge.

They want pleasure island.

No-one buys holes.

To reframe the old analogy, people don't buy a drill they buy a hole, i.e. what the drill can do. No one buys a hole.

  • They are buying the satisfaction of treasured pictures and photos hung up on the wall
  • They are buying a neat, tidy room with books and ornaments up on shelves
  • They are buying admiring noises from friends and family about the new deck

It’s the same for you.

Clients of financial advisors are not buying advice; they are buying reassurance – that they are ok and will be ok in the future.

Clients of insurance brokers are buying a promise. That when something goes wrong, the money will be there to put things right.

Clients of finance firms are buying the personal satisfaction of business goals achieved.


The moment you understand you are selling transformation is the moment you become client-centric.

There should be life before you and a better, different life as a result of working with you.

So, what is your transformation?


As always if you want help nailing your transformation (value proposition) then get in touch, and we can set up a conversation. We can then explore what is special about your business and how to bring it alive.

Posted on 21 Nov 2019


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