Go to market - and grow your revenues

Taking your brand proposition, and using what we’ve built, we go to market. Targeting your ideal customers to generate sales, increase revenue – and grow your business.

Your team at delivering Results is able to ‘click on’ to whichever services you need to get your business where you want it to be. These include:

Offline marketing channels:

  • Direct Mail  
  • Telemarketing
  • Events
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Advertising

Digital marketing channels:

Whilst the technology is new, digital success depends upon the same fundamental direct marketing principles that date back to the 19th century. Digital is:

  1. Targeted – precisely, at the audience you want.
  2. Measured – everything digital can be tracked, reported, costed; leading to better management and improved campaign performance.
  3. Tested – you don’t need to “know” the answer upfront; you test it and let the market tell you.

At once this both minimises your risk and becomes a powerful tool for continuous improvement (or optimisation, in digital terminology). Giving your business better results.


For service-based businesses a website is critical. 76% of buyers of professional services will visit the business website before they get in touch.

How your website is designed and written will mean the difference between an enquiry – or none. The visitors will also have formed an impression of your business long before they have even met you.

See our BUILD section to learn more about our mobile-responsive, lead-generating websites.


Without visibility on Google search, your business is lost to people searching for your services.

SEO is a digital methodology to increase the ‘organic’ rankings of your website – ie for your site to show further up the Google search results, without paid advertising.

Quite simply the higher you are, the more web visitors you will get. High on page 1 is the goal.

It is time consuming and results will take 6 months or often longer to appear. But consumers place more trust in organic search results over paid ads, and the effects of SEO are long lasting.

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Also referred to as Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click.

Paid search ads are highly targeted and will put your service in front of people who are actively searching for what you offer.

They also give measurable results, as all website visits and enquiries including phone calls (when using call tracking) can be attributed to each campaign. It is therefore much easier to calculate a return on investment than on traditional media ads.

With skilled ad copy and dedicated Landing Pages, which provide customised information on exactly what the person was searching for, delivering Results achieves enquiry rates higher than industry averages.

For one client in the financial industry their Google ads results are achieving on average:

  • 5% - 6% Click Through Rate (the % of people clicking the ad to visit the landing page). Average CTR for the finance and insurance industry is 2.9%.
  • 7% - 9.8% Conversion (Enquiry) Rate. Industry average is 5.1% for finance (and 3.75% all industries).  


Smarter Facebook Ad campaigns will target your ideal customer with information of interest to them, and lead them from engagement to website visits to enquiry. 

Facebook is also a strong platform for remarketing. Remarketing, or retargeting, involves showing follow-up ads (messages or offers) to people who have already visited your site, or even specific pages of your site. It can prove to be a very cost effective way of generating sales and is vital as part of more complex buyer pathways towards creating enquiries. 

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Unlike the generic, tick and flick exercises of your competition, your clients will look forward to getting newsletters written by delivering Results. Reading them. Your newsletters will add to their world and offer valuable insights, building your reputation – and revenue.

For lead generation, a series of well crafted emails set up to send automatically to potential clients in the days after they’ve made their first enquiry will take them down the path to becoming your customer. 


Today’s consumers are watching more and more video content online. A well crafted video will help grow brand awareness and support your lead generation activities.


  • amplify your brand impact and help grow brand awareness
  • have 7-8 times the effect of the written word; 70% of humans have a visual orientation
  • are shared up to 120 times more than any other communication
  • have a positive impact on SEO; Google owns YouTube and loves video
  • help close sales with strong ROI.

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Niche Services   

We slay it for businesses with a clearly defined niche.

Everything becomes a lot more targeted, defined and effective.

Some of the businesses we have kicked major goals for include kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, pest control, financial advice, medical specialists and lawyers.

Results just some of our clients have enjoyed:

Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions – a regional bathroom renovation business
  • Website written, designed and structured to stand out in a competitive marketplace and to generate enquiries.
  • Drive traffic to the site via Google Ads and Facebook.

The business went from $180k annual turnover to $1.34M in 21 months.

You can read the NBS case study here.

Dr Malcolm Godfrey – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Starting out in private practice with no brand, no digital presence.

  • Created a brand identity and website that speaks to his audience.
  • Through SEO, ranked his site on page 1 for his key search terms at regional level – generating an average of 155 new visitors a month. The site is converting 10% of them into enquirers.

The business is now established and happily growing.

Crefco – US mortgage broking business

Struggling in an attractive niche – USDA loans; website had very low conversion.

  • Website optimisation through landing page A/B tests.
  • Complete redesign and rewrite of the website.
  • Increased conversion of traffic to enquiries by 285%.

They had to put on 10 extra sales people to handle the enquiries.

Click to learn more about our work with Crefco.

If you want more and better enquiries for your business, contact us today on 02 4023 5958. 

Other Services

Invaluable to the growth of my business

After being in business for 3 years it felt like we hadn’t quite created an identity for the business and what we do for clients. We also had issues in communicating to potential referral sources how we can benefit them and their clients.

delivering Results took us back to the fundamentals of marketing and then created the communications for the business to help with the ‘sales’ process and reduce this cycle to almost half.

Since implementing these new sales tools we have also noticed a steep increase in referrals into the business from existing clients as well as new professional referral sources.

Alex and his team did not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach or a programme; using their experience and knowledge they created a tailored process and quality advice.

Overall, going through this process was invaluable to my professional development, the development of staff and the growth of my business and I would recommend that all owners go through this process with Alex and his team regardless of how long they have been in business.

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