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Create plans and assets to meet your business objectives

Using the language that your customers will identify with and respond to, we create the foundations, plans and materials you need to communicate with your ideal clients.

  • Customer Research
  • Marketing Strategy & Plans
  • Logos & Corporate Identity
  • Websites
  • Online Shops - start selling online in 5 days
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design & Print
  • Customer Databases (CRM)
  • Marketing Automation (Emails)


The world has changed and in business terms it is adapt or die.

People still want your products and services. But now they want online ordering, home delivery, online services.

Right now, we are working with businesses around the country including craft breweries, butchers, florists and specialist retailers who have seized the opportunity to move online. Join them and create a whole new sales channel.

We can have your online shop up in 5 business days


In-depth customer interviews provide invaluable insights to guide your business on its marketing strategy.

Too many businesses forget to talk to their customers. They think they are doing so: sharing quick ‘satisfaction’ questionnaires, or responding to the unprompted feedback they receive (positive or negative). But those who take the time to really talk to their clients, delve deep into their experiences and uncover what they really value, will reap the rewards.

There is always a gap between what business owners think their customers want and what their customers actually think. delivering Results is constantly surprised by our discoveries when we interview our clients’ customers.


Strategy comes first, always. Planning is crucial for success. 

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.  Abraham Lincoln

“On like for like comparisons of over 2,531 businesses in Australia a major audit of value drivers discovered that those with a strategic marketing plan were 158% more profitable than those without.” Business Health, August 2011.

Our strategic marketing plans consist of a number of key elements:

  • a unique value position (the cornerstone of a brand) that separates you from your competitors in the marketplace
  • an offer and key messages that attract potential clients  
  • the communication channels to reach them
  • the lead nurturing tools to convert them
  • detailed plans identifying the investment required and anticipated returns.


Transform your business logo and identity from tired, bland, maybe even confusing – to bright, fresh and stand-out.

Your new visual identity will clearly portray your distinctive personality. Outputs include logo, colour palette, fonts, visual imagery, letterhead, email signature & business card design.


Designed to be easy for the visitor to find what they want; and it shows off your brand, your business, in the best light.

Written not for you or your business, but for the people coming to it – your potential clients. So that it addresses their fears and frustrations and leads them to the transformation your service offers.

Structured so that it is easy for the visitor to move across your site and ensuring that all the key elements of the buyer’s journey have been addressed (the ‘user experience’). So that it creates enquiries for you.

It is also important to note that businesses may well have a number of quite different clients. Your site needs to take all of them into account.

When we launched Perimeter Pest Control’s new website it was converting visitors to enquirers at 10.1% – a good result.

Within 3 months it was converting at 19.7% – nearly halving the cost per new customer and having a dramatic impact on profitability.


Websites, newsletters, brochures, capability statements – these are first impressions, and first impressions matter.

Get it right and you’ll draw in your potential clients – recognising themselves in your copy. Nodding along while they think, yep – this business understands me.

Get it wrong and you are just another me-too business, using the same old lines as everyone else. Not standing out from your competitors.

delivering Results writes effective websites, newsletters and direct mail pieces for your clients and prospects.

We address the issues and challenges they face. And we tell stories. People respond to stories; they lull our sceptical defences and take us straight to a happy space of childhood memories. It’s a great starting point for persuasion. 


Great designs communicate your brand and market position effectively to your target market. Clearly, legibly, effectively – and with flair. Without creativity we will all look the same.

But it’s not just about looks. We always go back to first principles of strategic marketing: who is this for? What do we need our audience to do? What outcomes do we want? 

We work hand in hand with you and our creative partners to design inspired, outcome-focussed materials. And generate results for your business.


A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management database, is not an online address book.

A good CRM is a powerful software tool that will improve your sales processes, marketing communications, task management and data reporting – saving time and money. In-depth analytics provide insights that you just don’t see when your customer data and contact records are spread across different spreadsheets, documents and systems. Insights that are vital to your business strategy and next steps.

One client learnt that 65% of transactions were one-offs – a far higher figure than expected. Their new CRM also easily highlighted high-value customers who had now lapsed.  They are now focusing on increasing repeat business and reconnecting with lapsed customers, resulting in more business coming in – and providing confidence and revenue to our client. 


Marketing campaign automation enables businesses to automate and streamline marketing activities using personal and behavioural contact data. Send a series of emails based on enquiry submissions, segment your market, integrate software and track results.

If you want more and better enquiries for your business, contact us today: email or call 02 4023 5958.

Other Services

Attracting the right type of clients and confident about the value of my service

Alex and the dR team have achieved something unique among marketing consultancies in my experience. They have been authentic.

They are not afraid to get involved. If you just want a marketing consultancy that simply tells you what you want to hear then dR is not for you.

Alex has helped transform the positioning of my brand and service to the market.

I am now attracting the right type of clients and am much more confident about the marketing and value of my service offering.

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