Path to Growth

delivering Results is a strategic marketing team that focuses on diving deep into your business.

We identify what makes you stand out from your competitors, and create the communications to effectively share your messages with the right people, so that they buy.

Our marketing services support your Path to Growth in three key ways:

  1. Uncover Your Value  
  2. Attract the Right New Clients 
  3. Offer More to Existing Clients

1. Uncover Your Value

Fermentation - a catalyst for valuable change

Fermentation - a catalyst for valuable change

People are exposed to more than 13,000 marketing messages a day.

If you don’t stand out, you are just wallpaper. White noise that is often filtered out.

Many businesses take pride in making statements about their business thinking that this is marketing:

  • We are professional (as if we would be sloppy and careless)
  • We are experts (as if we would be unqualified and ignorant)
  • We are client-focussed (as if we would offer poor service).

These are bland "me too" statements and could be made by any other product or service provider in your field.

There is no compelling “why”. Why should I, as a prospective client, get in touch?

As a result they don't react; their eyes glaze over as they pass onto the next potential service provider.

Cut Through

We create the key messages that offer real cut-through.

These are driven by what really matters to your clients, with messages that have them nodding when they read them, when you talk to them.

We uncover your brand stories and craft them till they captivate your clients. Stories that will be read, stories that they will identify with, stories that will drive them to engage.

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2. Attract the Right New Clients

fly fishing

Fly-fishing is always targeted

Which clients are the best match for your business?

  • that you offer the most value to
  • that match you – your values, your purpose, your intent
  • that excite you and that you want to work with. 

What are their attitudes and media habits? When it comes to your services, what decision making processes do they have? What are their emotional triggers – pain points, frustrations, desires and wants? Why should they buy from you? And who should you avoid?

Not all clients are equal. If you end up working with the wrong ones they can end up bleeding you dry – of time, energy and money.

We work closely with you to identify those clients that you best serve. Clients that best align with your value proposition.

Increase your Revenues

Once there is real clarity on the right new clients, we create the action plans to reach the ones you want.

We lead them down the path of awareness, interest and desire until they are ready to get in touch. To make an enquiry. Become your client.

All this is achieved within a context that understands why clients buy your services.

We have a strong understanding of client psychology; of what drives people to buy. We use marketing action plans (MAPs) with measurements so that we know what is working and what’s not. And we continually focus on improving the performance of our campaigns.

More clients at a lower cost.

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3. Offer More to Existing Clients

Tree growth

Your existing clients are the roots upon which your business is built

Business owners get excited about new clients. Ring the bell. Celebrate the sign-off. And rightly so. After all, they have a sexiness and appeal that captivates owners. There is an energy surge as they capture our attention and focus.

But what about your existing client base?

Older clients can be treated as familiar; part of the landscape. We serve them and forget because we think we know them. We stop asking them questions and more importantly, we stop listening to them.

It hurts when they leave.

Don’t ignore the ones you love

There is always more you can offer them. More you can learn from them – if you ask the right questions, gather the right feedback, identify the right pain points and frustrations.

This will not only ensure that you continually offer your clients top level service, but will possibly uncover new opportunities you may not have known were available.

Our strategic frameworks and research will always uncover more services you can offer your existing client base.

New services that your clients want, will pay for.

Our MAPs – Marketing Action Plans – will show you how to deliver them profitably.

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Call us today to discuss how we can work with you to achieve your business goals.

Invaluable to the growth of my business

After being in business for 3 years it felt like we hadn’t quite created an identity for the business and what we do for clients. We also had issues in communicating to potential referral sources how we can benefit them and their clients.

delivering Results took us back to the fundamentals of marketing and then created the communications for the business to help with the ‘sales’ process and reduce this cycle to almost half.

Since implementing these new sales tools we have also noticed a steep increase in referrals into the business from existing clients as well as new professional referral sources.

Alex and his team did not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach or a programme; using their experience and knowledge they created a tailored process and quality advice.

Overall, going through this process was invaluable to my professional development, the development of staff and the growth of my business and I would recommend that all owners go through this process with Alex and his team regardless of how long they have been in business.

Standing out – and growing our client base

We were a business "camouflaged" amongst many of the same in our industry using ineffective marketing techniques. Your assistance with helping us to “stand out from the crowd” is having a significant impact on our enquiry rates and growth of our client base.

Attracting the right type of clients and confident about the value of my service

Alex and the dR team have achieved something unique among marketing consultancies in my experience. They have been authentic.

They are not afraid to get involved. If you just want a marketing consultancy that simply tells you what you want to hear then dR is not for you.

Alex has helped transform the positioning of my brand and service to the market.

I am now attracting the right type of clients and am much more confident about the marketing and value of my service offering.

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