From 3 enquiries a month to 35

I had just had my website redesigned [by another firm] and the number of enquiries was pitiful. Then after a consultation with delivering Results I was told I would have to write it off and start again. I could have screamed.

After in depth research understanding my business & my customers they completely re-wrote & re-built my site. And I have gone from 3 enquiries a month to 35+. I have had to re-organise my business to cope with the demand & now sleep much easier at night. I only wish I had gone to them first.

Clients now understand the unique value we deliver

"We initially engaged delivering Results to revitalise stale client relationships. We were delivering a lot of unrecognised value to clients, and as a technical company we didn’t know how to communicate this clearly.

delivering Results led a project to reinvigorate client relationships which resulted in

a) clients understanding the unique value we deliver;
b) bringing long-term stability to client relationships; and
c) helping us clearly differentiate ourselves in a saturated market (IT).

It also enabled us to very significantly increase our prices."

Invaluable to the growth of my business

After being in business for 3 years it felt like we hadn’t quite created an identity for the business and what we do for clients. We also had issues in communicating to potential referral sources how we can benefit them and their clients.

delivering Results took us back to the fundamentals of marketing and then created the communications for the business to help with the ‘sales’ process and reduce this cycle to almost half.

Since implementing these new sales tools we have also noticed a steep increase in referrals into the business from existing clients as well as new professional referral sources.

Alex and his team did not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach or a programme; using their experience and knowledge they created a tailored process and quality advice.

Overall, going through this process was invaluable to my professional development, the development of staff and the growth of my business and I would recommend that all owners go through this process with Alex and his team regardless of how long they have been in business.

Standing out – and growing our client base

We were a business "camouflaged" amongst many of the same in our industry using ineffective marketing techniques. Your assistance with helping us to “stand out from the crowd” is having a significant impact on our enquiry rates and growth of our client base.

Attracting the right type of clients and confident about the value of my service

Alex and the dR team have achieved something unique among marketing consultancies in my experience. They have been authentic.

They are not afraid to get involved. If you just want a marketing consultancy that simply tells you what you want to hear then dR is not for you.

Alex has helped transform the positioning of my brand and service to the market.

I am now attracting the right type of clients and am much more confident about the marketing and value of my service offering.

A more cost effective way to market and increased sales

I wondered how this was going to work with the distance (USA to Australia) but figured in the short run, it couldn’t hurt to see whether what you were saying you could provide would materialize. Well, it did materialize and then some.

With the advertising campaigns that you assisted us with the results have spoken for themselves. You certainly did deliver on exactly what you said you would do in terms of taking our marketing to the next level.

Since those campaigns, two things have occurred. We have saved money as you developed a way to market in a more cost effective manner. Additionally, you increased the sales numbers by a long shot from what we were used to seeing. I felt that others should know about the best kept secret in marketing.

a thriving business with a distinctive market position

In April 2013 we commenced a new business, Pfeiffer Property. We engaged delivering Results to assist with development of a marketing strategy which included the establishment of a distinctive marketing position, development of referral relationships, a website, marketing materials and generation of leads.

Alex firstly researched the market then developed a communication strategy which was tested and refined. He was of great assistance in helping us “convert” our leads to deals.

At the same time, Alex has showed us how to greatly enhance our relationships with referral partners.

The results of all this are we now have a thriving business with a distinctive market position which strongly resonates with the target market. We have an excellent conversion rate, achieved our 18 month budget in the first 7 months and met our annual profitability target in 6 months.

There is no doubt we would not have achieved this success without delivering Results.

Genuine working relationships

When we engaged delivering Results to rebrand our Medical Imaging company the standard of work and investment in our business from the entire team was second to none.

I truly valued the time Alex took to understand our business and team. He helped translate this into an authentic brand that represents our vision and allows us to honour the promises we make to our staff and clients.

What I didn’t expect was the depth of knowledge Alex and his team would impart, the mentoring and support and the genuine working relationships that would follow.

With greater understanding of how we develop and nurture our referral partners we can grow our business in the way we envisioned.

Booked out

I am delighted about what we have achieved by working together with delivering Results.

I am now booked out and enjoying an enhanced reputation with my patients and referrers. I thoroughly recommend their referrer communications program.

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