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Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions

What We Discovered

  • A bathroom renovation business in Newcastle, new to the market
  • Their new website, whilst pretty, was only generating 2-3 leads per month; the owner was expecting considerably more
  • On a google ad spend of $490 per month the leads were costing $245 each
  • Objective – develop a successful lead generation website.

What We Developed

  • In-depth research of the business; its service offering and background, its customers and competitors
  • Development of sales-focussed copy, a USP (unique selling point) and lead generation offer
  • Redesign the website to make it easier to use and focus visitors on making an enquiry.

The Results

  • Increased the number of leads from 2-3 to 35 per month … at the same level of ad spend
  • Booked up 3 months in advance
  • Lowered the cost per lead to just $14
  • Re-organising his business to cope with the increased demand.

From 3 enquiries a month to 35

I had just had my website redesigned [by another firm] and the number of enquiries was pitiful. Then after a consultation with delivering Results I was told I would have to write it off and start again. I could have screamed.

After in depth research understanding my business & my customers they completely re-wrote & re-built my site. And I have gone from 3 enquiries a month to 35+. I have had to re-organise my business to cope with the demand & now sleep much easier at night. I only wish I had gone to them first.

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