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It’s mind blowing what’s going on out there

Its mind blowing whats going on out there

Covid has shrunk our worlds. Travel restricted. News from elsewhere filtered and dialed down. A virus and its affiliation now No. 1 on the conversational hit parade.

And as usual, we project our own experience into a world-view about how things are. Even though we are just 0.000000000143% of the global human experience.

But life is much bigger and more fun than that.

Busy around the globe there are technology companies re-imagining every part of our world.

Bio-Nauts – treating central nervous disorders. With microbots that can reach previously inaccessible parts of the brain and central nervous system.

Sayata Labs – creating an aggregated marketplace for businesses to find and buy insurance. Putting millions of insurance brokers around the world on notice.

Brain Q – reducing disability after a stroke. – subscription software that enables people to have a car on a monthly fee, rather than buying it.

Yarno – breaking down business training into daily three-minute, quiz-based micro-learning bites. With much higher success rates than traditional training programs.

Here in Newcastle, Gilghi is a water filtering unit that can operate off grid and take saline source water up to Australian water drinking guidelines. Transforming lives for remote communities.

As with all these business they look outside their industry to apply an external perspective. They let go and think, what if?

External perspectives are often more valuable and disruptive than fixed industry-bound mantras. The sacred cows; ‘this is how it is’.

And new ways of looking at business problems is so much more valuable for your clients.

So have fun, look out, and bring those perspectives to your clients.

And if you have your own challenge, feel free to call and see how a fresh perspective can help shift things.

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Posted on 20 Jan 2022


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