Attract the right new clients

Which clients are the best match for your business?

  • that you offer the most value to
  • that match you – your values, your purpose, your intent
  • that excite you and that you want to work with. 

What are their attitudes and media habits? When it comes to your services, what decision making processes do they have? What are their emotional triggers – pain points, frustrations, desires and wants? Why should they buy from you?

And who should you avoid?

Not all clients are equal. If you end up working with the wrong ones they can end up bleeding you dry – of time, energy and money.

Clarity & Confidence

We work closely with you to identify those clients that you best serve. Clients that best align with your value proposition.

Once there is real clarity on the "right new clients" we create the action plans to reach the ones you want.

We lead them down the path of awareness, interest and desire until they are ready to get in touch. 

To make an enquiry. Become your client.

All this is achieved within a context that understands why clients buy your services.

We have a strong understanding of client psychology; what drives people to buy. We use marketing action plans (MAPs) with measurements so that we know what is working and what is not.

And we continually focus on improving the performance of our campaigns.

More clients at a lower cost.

Other Services

Attracting the right type of clients and confident about the value of my service

Alex and the dR team have achieved something unique among marketing consultancies in my experience. They have been authentic.

They are not afraid to get involved. If you just want a marketing consultancy that simply tells you what you want to hear then dR is not for you.

Alex has helped transform the positioning of my brand and service to the market.

I am now attracting the right type of clients and am much more confident about the marketing and value of my service offering.

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