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How patient opinion can damage your referral numbers

Patient Opinion

Patient power is rising. But it is ignored by many medical practitioners, which costs them dearly.

Patients create and share online reviews about your services. Reviews that are indelible judgements and have a direct impact on your reputation – and income. They tell referrers who they want to be treated by, and for most specialists this is happening without any active management. 

It is as if specialists do not make the connection between how you treat your patients, your digital reputation, the importance of feedback to referrers, and your future level of referrals.

All this despite

✔ Patients spending hours online. They research their medical conditions; evaluate medical centres and doctors they might use. They scan your website, read your reviews, and make instant judgements about you.

✔ There are hundreds of thousands of Google searches related to health providers each month in Australia. Including:

doctor / doctors near me 164,500
medical centre / medical centre near me          151,000
GP / GP near me 90,000
optometrists / optometry near me / eye doctor 65,600
podiatrist / podiatrists near me / foot doctor 53,300
dermatologist / dermatologist near me / skin doctor 40,600
gynecologist / gynecologist near me  30,700
radiology / radiology near me / medical imaging 28,600
orthopaedic surgeon / orthopedic surgeon near me  10,900
neurosurgeon / neurosurgeon near me 5,700

Source: Google. Average searches per month, Australia.

It’s real.

✔ Many doctors also use Google to reference a medical condition or specialist. Your reviews are visible and if your overall rating is poor, they unconsciously take that on board.

✔ GPs care about their patients and their experiences of your service.

✔ The patient has a direct influence on up to 32% of all referrals made by GPs to medical specialists.

It’s an increasingly competitive world. Who your potential patients want to be treated by has a direct impact on your financial success.

What You Can Do to Build Your Reputation

As most of your peers will carry on regardless, it does present an opportunity. To take control of how your business is perceived and have a positive impact on your referrals. Done well, it will also grow them.

Success revolves around one thing:

Wear the patient hat and look at everything from their perspective.

There are many steps you can take to achieve this focus on your patients. Enabling you to make positive changes to their experience of you and your practice.
How to Build Your Online Reputation - cover
For more detailed advice on what to do, click to download our pdf checklist

How to Build Your Reputation

Or you can call Alex Meijnen today for an initial discussion about how we can help medical practices increase their referrals. Simply phone 02 4023 5958 or email
Posted on 04 Jun 2020

Download: How to Build Your Reputation

Wear the patient hat and look at everything from their perspective

✓ Increase patient satisfaction

✓ More word of mouth referrals

✓ An enhanced online reputation

Genuine working relationships

When we engaged delivering Results to rebrand our Medical Imaging company the standard of work and investment in our business from the entire team was second to none.

I truly valued the time Alex took to understand our business and team. He helped translate this into an authentic brand that represents our vision and allows us to honour the promises we make to our staff and clients.

What I didn’t expect was the depth of knowledge Alex and his team would impart, the mentoring and support and the genuine working relationships that would follow.

With greater understanding of how we develop and nurture our referral partners we can grow our business in the way we envisioned.

Booked out

I am delighted about what we have achieved by working together with delivering Results.

I am now booked out and enjoying an enhanced reputation with my patients and referrers. I thoroughly recommend their referrer communications program.

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